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Our virtual classroom allows you to take your class anywhere! You can securely manage your class sessions and join the virtual classroom through the learning management system, directly access materials on the whiteboard and engage in the class with interactive features.

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What our parents & students are saying?

At Point Avenue, teachers always contact parents regularly to keep them up-to-date on children's progress. They also organize a midterm private meeting for each parent so that we can catch up with our children’s study, strengths and weaknesses to improve and better their performance. Nhat Minh participates in class very enthusiastically, and has been able to speak for a lot longer during his debate speeches. Hyewon and Travis are his debate coaches, and he likes them both very much.

- Mrs. Hoa, Nhat Minh's Mother

  • student-avatar
    Ngoc Linh
    MS Debate Intermediate

    “ At the Point Avenue Debate Online course, I could still learn a lot every day. The lessons were consistent. I didn't feel like anything has been lost or reduced. If I could change something, then I would still not change my online course experience. Debating online was pretty hard. We found it very challenging to compete against students who are a lot older and have more debate experience than us. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the tournaments, and I look forward to meeting my opponents in person."Debate is not just about learning to use English. It is also the bridge that connects our children to the world of knowledge." Mrs. Huong, Ngoc Linh's mom “

  • student-avatar
    Ngoc Vy
    MS Debate Beginner
    “ I like that we have more accessibility to time and space. As I have to get up and get ready for offline classes, we don't have to do so with online courses. It helps me not miss anything at the beginning of the class. “
  • student-avatar
    Thuc Anh
    HS Debate Allstars
    “ In offline classes, we usually have textbooks. But it is cumbersome because we also need to bring our laptops to search for resources, videos, and articles. But with online classes, we are just one click away from those materials. That's it. And it makes our debate so much more fun and interesting. “
  • student-avatar
    Thuy Anh
    MS Debate Intermediate
    “ With online classes, we could go into different breakout rooms and discuss. The online course has created that quiet space for our discussion. It allows us more freedom to focus because often, in offline classes, everyone is talking, so it will be hard to focus on what your partners are saying. “
  • student-avatar
    Thanh Mai
    MS Debate Intermediate
    “ I think the change to online classes has benefited us a lot. We get to do a lot of practice online. It helps us become more accustomed to online formats. If we want to go to an online tournament, it will be much easier. “