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  • Winter Day Camp 2021

    Based on Character development, our 2021 Winter programs use the core pillars of: Academic Rigor, Physical Fitness, and Global Citizenry (skills for the 21st century) to prepare for students to take step into future. Most importantly, we want your child to reconnect and make lifelong memories and friendships this Winter Break.
  • Elementary Day Camp

    Our two-week Winter Camp has been designed around the giving season themes to form a unique community project-based learning experience.

    Focusing on reading and writing and facilitating expression of ideas through engaging projects and group activities, your child will be inspired to be creative and use their critical thinking skills, team building to create positive community impact.
  • Debate Intensive Camp

    Power of Positivity: Public Speaking and Storytelling is a 5-day camp to discover, analyze, discuss, create, and share inspiring and uplifting stories.

    This camp is for students who want to master the art of public speaking and storytelling and confidently present in front of an audience. Point Avenue Debate Programs is proud to introduce and launch the first Global Winter Camp, where students will be interacting and collaborating with their peers from Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Elem Camp Video
  • Debate Camp Video

Learning Objectives

  • Winter Day Camp:
Develop fundamental writing & reading skills and learn to structure ideas to discover and better express themselves.

Become upstanding and impactful members of their community through character & social skills development

Explore the diversity of the world through a trip to visit many countries and cultures

Overcome any challenges or difficulties by realizing that every problem has a key to solve
  • Winter Debate Camp:
Develop confidence in preparing and delivering a story in front of an audience

Research and analyze articles covering positive news

Debate with their peers on what changes we can foresee in the future

Collaborate to create stories to share on the Final Showcase

Meet The Team

  • Graduates of West Point, Harvard, Cambridge, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and more
  • Held strategic positions in Fortune 500 companies
  • Head of Research and Development and Teacher Training with a Ph.D. in Education
  • 25 years of experience operating boarding and day summer camps
  • Debate training developed by the Head Coach of World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) Vietnam National Team
  • 50+ years of total test prep experience for SAT, SSAT, IELTS, and TOEFL


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