Online Summer Camp - Point Avenue


Bringing 10 years of international camp experience inside the home this summer!
Let’s reconnect and prepare for students to take steps into the future.

  • Character First Camp

    Now more than ever, students need structure, productivity, and a community. “Character First Camp" provides students with an immersive and online environment focused on personal growth through rigorous academics, physical training, and character development.
  • Global Citizen Camp for Elementary students

    Global Citizen Camp helps students build their knowledge about different cultures and countries in the world through exciting activities and discussions. By utilizing a holistic approach, students will experience classes that focus on academics, morals, social-emotional development, and physical training through online platforms.
  • Debate Intensive Camp

    Receive the top-notch instruction by Head Coach of Team Vietnam for World Schools Debating Championships . It's a premier summer program where students learn and advance their communication skills, critical thinking, collaboration, and create solutions to an ever-changing world. Unleash your voice through the debate tournament at the end of summer!
  • Test Prep Intensive Camp

    With experience training hundreds of students to achieve an average score in the top 5% of the world, Point Avenue teachers will personalize the test prep roadmap for each student to help them quickly achieve their dream score.

What makes our camps special

  • Designed for an optimal online experience:
    • Balanced between physical activities and academic lessons.
    • Diverse online learning tools to facilitate high-energy and engaging activities.
    • Positivity Project curriculum
  • Experienced Mentors:
    • Years of experience organizing international camps and tutoring students across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, US, Shanghai, & more
    • Professionally trained to deliver effective and engaging online lessons
  • Focused on Personal Growth:
    • Through rigorous academics, physical training, and character development.
    • Provide practical advice that will help students develop healthy habits: study tips, fitness plans, goal setting, & more

Camp Schedule

Meet The Team

  • Graduates of West Point, Harvard, Cambridge, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and more
  • Held strategic positions in Fortune 500 companies
  • Head of Research and Development and Teacher Training with a Ph.D. in Education
  • 25 years of experience operating boarding and day summer camps
  • Debate training developed by the Head Coach of World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) Vietnam National Team
  • 50+ years of total test prep experience for SAT, SSAT, IELTS, and TOEFL

A Typical Camp Day

Global Citizen Online Camp