YN, Bryn Mawr College - Point Avenue

YN, Bryn Mawr College

Dear Point Ave family,

I don’t know how else I could start writing this other than by crying, because that’s how we started this journey. In the small TOONG office, I was scared of a gloomy future that required an overwhelming level of preparation. I also may or may not have gotten scared by a loud Mr. Tommy who shouted out of dedication and passion. But I came back because I was assured that PA was different and that the mentors had faith in me.

Indeed, PA is so different that I could spend days talking about everything here.

Just like cream puffs, you are incredibly sweet. Anytime I come to the office, I always feel welcome. Many adults tell us kids that “they have been there, in our shoes”. But I realized that “being there” doesn’t consist only of giving us a checklist to prepare, but really “being there” to understand our hopes and fears. You are always there for me even when I can do things by myself, simply to cheer me up and help me believe in myself more. No matter how busy you are, you are always smiling or working out in the gym, making you a great source of motivation and encouragement. You make it so easy for me to venture into new territory with the courage to fail, because I know you’ll always be there to pick me up and guide me through those failures. You never said it explicitly, but by observing the way you treat students and parents, I have learned how you instill “Character First” in your education: by embracing it yourselves.

One thing that I love and admire so much about Point Ave is the fact that everything is raw and real. You gave us everything you had, and you trusted us with everything you gave us.

PA is where I have learned the true definition of leadership. You are all busy but always willing to spend time with us. You taught me that great leadership isn’t based on a top-down system, but on collaboration and understanding.

PA is where I have learned to embrace differences and respect my own choices. Most people just see the tip of the iceberg. I was urged by PA mentors to look at matters from different perspectives, and I think I really have become a more accepting person, to other people and to myself.

PA is where learning never stops. I learned that choosing a major in university doesn’t mean I have no other choices, and growing up to be an adult doesn’t mean I will have all the answers.

PA is where the sun always shines, where everyone is smiling and hugging students, at the reception desk, the teacher’s room, and especially in the gym.

So yeah! Point Avenue is not an English center, and Point Avenue’s mentors are definitely not like most adults.

You never have to sugarcoat your profiles or students’ achievements. You are whoever we need you to be, and I can never thank you enough for that. I mean… cream puffs contain only butter, water, flour and eggs, yet they are the best dessert!

To an infinite number of cream puffs between PA and Y., and beyond: