World Scholar's Cup

"At this year's World Scholar's Cup - Tournament of Champions, we placed the top 10 in the senior division. This was amazing for our whole team since we were juniors. I think that the reason that we won this medal was because of how we applied our knowledge in the debate competition learned from Point Avenue, such as how to construct an argument and to use proper structure in a rebuttal. This boosted our confidence in the matches when we knew exactly what to do” - Pham Duc Anh

"One big positive thing in the competition was that we won against much older students. I really appreciate Point Avenue teachers spending time training us, so I want to say thank you!” - Tran Khanh Minh

"We achieved our top 10 medals in World Scholar’s Cup - Tournament of Champions not only through our maximum effort but also through our extraordinary Point Avenue mentors, especially Mr. Tin. He actually sacrificed a lot of things for us, booking flights and cars to Yale to encourage and support us, time and energy, patience in waiting for us to persuade our school teachers in allowing him to go and support us. He designed and plan our techniques to fight in the WSC senior division clearly and effectively. He taught us to follow plans step by step. That extra effort makes Point Avenue mentors different from others.” - Tran Bang Linh