SJ, New York University

Initially, it was hard for me to believe someone could ever save my applications. There was only one and a half months left for me to apply to all of my 20+ colleges around the world, and I had underestimated the insane amount of work and research needed to finish the applications. It felt like mission impossible, but Jason really made it happen with his patience, work ethic, and well-managed time schedule.

Finally, I was accepted into my Early Decision school, as well as most of the schools I applied to during the Early Round. Jason was not only a good writing coach, but also an amazing listener. I was astonished by how all his advice and guidance, based on my many essay drafts, were able to connect all my ideas, life events, thoughts, and beliefs and weave them into one narrative so fluidly. It brought order and clarity to what felt like pure chaos.

Admittedly, I also developed a clearer understanding of myself throughout my time working with him. My growth and his trait of being a good listener, made a real and significant change to my whole application as he helped me figure out how to showcase my best authentic self. Working with him really made me feel all my efforts led to a perfect and positive result. I hope there will be future opportunities to work with Jason again because he not only helped me complete everything with the highest quality possible, but he also helped me learn about myself throughout the process. I would recommend Jason to anyone.