Join Point Avenue’s educators in developing your children’s growth mindset, teaching them to chase after their passions and goals using perseverance and grit.

Focused programming will be offered for students from Kindergarten through High School to continue developing their English Language skills at the Concordia International School. Programming follows a modified curriculum, different than that of our regularly scheduled classes, and is held multiple times throughout the year.

K-5 - STEAM English Learning
Middle School - Public Speaking, Dramatic Storytelling, Debate, Creative/Academic Essay Writing, Life Coaching
High School - Public Speaking, Dramatic Storytelling, Debate, Creative/Academic Essay Writing, Test Prep

K-5 STEAMology students will have a day camp experience, starting classes at 8:45am, ending at 4pm. Shuttles will pick-up and return students to designated points throughout the city.

Middle and High School students will have a boarding experience at the camp, with full immersion for an in and out of classroom learning and growth environment. Students will dorm at the nearby Van Tri Golf Course.

Student timetables will be packed with meaningful academic classes designed to enhance their understanding and application of the English Language as well as guiding their evolution into youth of good moral character and strength. We aim to teach our students to live active and healthy lifestyles through our physical fitness program. For boarding students, they will take part in community service projects and other field trips to teach them the importance of social responsibility. Students partake in leadership activities and fill leadership roles, developing their critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills. We believe that “hardship not only builds character, but it reveals it!”

Join us and push yourselves to see how far you can go, discovering the best version of yourself!

2018 Camps Available:
Summer Session 1 - June 17 - July 7 (REGISTRATION CLOSED)
Summer Session 2 - July 8 - July 28
Winter Session - December 14 - January 4

Reach out to for registration information.